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My Approach

I have a unique approach to health and weight management

Your relationship with food is so much more than knowing what to eat and "what not to eat".  In the society we are surrounded by today, it is very difficult to find the best way to nourish yourself amidst the nutritional confusion we are exposed to. So many health strategies are focused on pushing, forcing, over-exercising, under-eating and ultimately not liking ourselves as we struggle to maintain the latest health regime. 


I have a different approach. I work on bringing out the best of who we are as eaters. I focus first and foremost on my clients' symptoms - on listening to what your challenges are trying to tell you as these challenges are here for a reason.   Once we have identified what these are and why they are here, we can start to remove these challenges, with a focus on reaching your health and body goals in an empowering, nurturing and supportive environment. 


take a holistic mind-body-nutrition approach to health.  I don't follow diets or trends, rather I take into account the uniqueness of each individual, factoring in what is on and off their plate including lifestyle, budget, time pressures, career and more to ensure a bio-individualised program for my clients.


I work with clients directly on eating itself, teaching you how to sustain your body effectively, manage your energy, create positive eating habits and ultimately allow food to nourish you rather than punish you. 


This is when the magic happens - when your health and energy return because you are on the right nutritional course. You will discover a relationship with food, mind, and body that is truly nourishing and empowering and you will never have to diet again.

I specialise in:

  • Disordered eating eg Binge Eating, Overeating, Compulsive eating, Emotional Eating

  • Understanding the stress response

  • Body Image Issues           

  • Overcoming long term dieting

  • Food & Body Anxiety

  • Yoyo dieting

  • Managing Cravings

  • Balancing hunger levels

  • Energy & Fatigue

I can help you to heal your relationship with food and body and reach your wellness goals.


You will learn:  

  • Why food challenges aren't your fault

  • How to heal your relationship with food 

  • How to change your thoughts to feed your metabolism

  • How to manage emotional eating

  • The importance of your emotional metabolism vs your physical metabolism

  • How to let go of dieting forever

  • How to eat with passion, not fear

  • Strategies to naturally regulate appetite

  • How to understand what your symptoms are telling you

  • Nutritional techniques to overcome fatigue, digestive distress, mood swings and more

  • How to focus on internal stressors to decrease stress chemistry

And so much more!


Is it time to build a healthy relationship with food?

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