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Let's Work Together

Are you ready for change?

Let's start now.  I have a range of packages available to suit many different requirements.  I see clients either in my clinic on the North Shore, or internationally via Skype or Facetime.

I take a holistic nutritional and psychological approach to health and weight loss.  I work with people to undiet, build healthy relationships with food, mind, and body to reach their goals.  I don't follow diets or trends, rather I take into account the uniqueness of each individual, factoring in lifestyle, career, budget, time pressures, and more to ensure a bio-individualised program for my clients.

Initial Health Consult

15 mins - No Charge

This is a chance for us to meet, for me to understand your requirements and expectations, and for you to understand how I can best help you reach your goals.

Discovery Session

90 mins - $199

In this discovery session, we will work through a pre-screen form to discuss your goals, diet history, health history, where you are at now and more.  This allows me to get to know you, understand your challenges, your pain points, triggers, and expectations.


From this session, I will use this content to create a personalised health plan that will be the foundation for our work moving forward, 

Follow Up Sessions

In these follow-up sessions, we will dive deep into the areas we have identified as challenges for you and work on strategies to help you to meet your goals. 

60 mins - $120 + GST

30 mins - $55 + GST


Sage Packages:

Sage Starter

1 x Discovery Session -90 mins 

2 x Follow Up Sessions - 60 mins each

$420 + GST

Sage Select

1 x Discovery Session - 90 mins

4 x Follow Up sessions - 60 mins each

$660 + GST

Sage Intensive

1 x Discovery Session - 90 mins

6 x Follow Up sessions - 60 mins each

$890 + GST